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Declaration Of Law by Judge Anna on Rate, Alaska The instigators kidnapped and press-ganged the people and the land assets of the Continental United States by force, fraud, and deceit into the foreign
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These people may never pay restitution for their crimes because they are being kept off the hook by their own criminal laws. These people need to stay locked up when they become older. They are old enough to understand the consequences of their criminal conduct. This Court is ready to provide restitution for any and all costs, expenses, damages, and legal expenses which may be incurred as a result of these crimes. “We have declared to all to whom this Court may lawfully give, the right to go where ever they may please on the continental sea, and every man who, so proceeds will bring me harm, pain, and harm, as well at home, as abroad.” The right to go to sea was not specifically mentioned in the charter of commerce or the Constitution of the United States, but is expressly granted to every American citizen in the U. S. Constitution. To take the freedom of movement of one American away from other people and their property is to abrogate their constitutional rights to freedom of trade, travel, and commerce, to their own property, to own property in foreign countries, and to have a passport for any purpose abroad. The right to travel has always been an asset of the American citizen for trade, travel, and commerce to all. By taking away this right, the members of Congress are taking one of the most important constitutional rights away from the American citizen. When the Constitution of this country was adopted, this right was one of the most fundamental in the social union that has ever existed. “Let us therefore never cease from exerting the exertions of power, justice, and charity, to promote the general good, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” This Right is an asset to the individual citizen and has been held valuable by his people and the United States government for centuries. The members of Congress who have violated the Constitution are not keeping the Constitution, they are destroying it. This is why they are violating it while they're in power. This is the same purpose that the founding fathers made the protection of this principle the reason for the creation of the United States, to protect it. The members of Congress cannot claim to be fighting for what the founding fathers, the founding document of this nation, intended to be their purpose for creating this government and for that matter, for the constitution in the first place, for it is the intent of the Constitution that this principle is protected.

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